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Before and After: Pantry

February 24, 2014

If your closets are like mine and they’re infected with these horrid white vinyl covered wire shelves then I feel for you brother.

I finally tore them out of our pantry because I couldn’t stand the mac n cheese boxes toppling over like dominoes one more time.

pantry shelves before and after

I replaced them with maple veneer 3/4″ plywood from Home Depot, then faced them with 1 1/2″ maple trim. Unfortunately HD only carries pine and oak in that dimension so I had my Dad make it for me in his woodshed.

pantry shelves befodre and after 2

pantry shelves before and after3

I don’t have a wood shop of my own so I have to work out in the snow and rain.


Next is the master bedroom closet. My wife likes to buy clothes so it is going to be a considerably harder job.


Bathroom remodel before, during, after

October 3, 2011

I spend many many hours, days, weekends, months working solo on large home remodel projects which I document with photos in the hopes of someday sharing them with others once I’m done.

Well I usually move on to the next project without ever sharing the photos of the previous project, so I never feel a complete sense of accomplishment or a sense of closure.

So on my latest master bathroom remodel I spent a ton of time digging through the pictures I took along the way and organizing them in some order.

I tried to group them in the same general orientation in a before, during and after order.





I started this project in February and just finished in September, only working after the kids’ bedtime and on weekends.

The room was only 6 years old but was built really poorly: The floors, walls and ceilings were so crooked and sagged that it felt like you were walking into a funhouse. The toilet leaned so far forward that the kids seemed to fall right off their perch on the seat. The shower leaked so bad that we had to put a trashbag over the door threshold just since the day we moved in. Even so, it still leaked so bad that the ceiling of the room below completely caved in.

Nice, right? So I basically had to completely gut the room, sister the old floor joists where they sagged the most on one end of the room, and chisel away an inch or so on the high side of the room.I had done a few small tile projects previously, but nothing of this size. I learned almost everything I needed to know from reading the johnbridge forums. It was there that I found out about the Schluter Kerdi shower membrane that will guarantee my shower to be completely water tight.

I also learned a good deal by bugging Craig at Mark Galdo Tile in Landsdowne, PA.

The middle picture below shows where I had to cut curfs in the joists then chisel and hand plane them to bring them level:

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May 26, 2011

No more peeing off the roof deck.






February 15, 2011

I started another project: a complete bathroom remodel, and I’ve got lots of help.

The master bath is only 6 years old but the aforementioned asshats who built my house did it as poorly as they possibly could. I’ve had to take a shower every day with a plastic garbage bag draped over the entry of the shower, which is leaking on the ceiling of the floor below so badly that it is caving in.

I’ve got to remove all of the lousy 99 cent Home Depot tile, the vanity, the entire shower and basin, and even strip some walls and flooring down to the bare studs and joists because they’re so crooked.

Since little buddy and I are doing the whole thing alone, we can all take bets on how long this is going to take before it’s done. (His work ethic is atrocious- he takes more breaks than a government employee).
Nine months? A year? More? God I hope not.

Another before shot. Blech!