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Found Footage

February 21, 2014

Sadly there are too many musical acts that have zero video clips available (at least on youtube). Ike and Tina Turner are one of the few soul acts that have a decent amount of videos available, and they’re almost all top notch.

Chances are, you’ve seen them perform Proud Mary countless times, but I’m betting you haven’t seen this footage. It’s got everything: Bright pink mini skirts on the Ikettes. Tina’s perfectly choreographed dance moves. Full horn section. Best of all? It’s LIVE on television. God I’d pay anything to have been in that audience.

Taken from 1969’s The Hunter

MP3: Ike and Tina Turner-Bold Soul Sister

Without exageration, this is absolutely my number ONE desert island track. No. Not number 8, nor number 3, not even 2. The Stones are not higher. Neither is Aretha, or Neil Young. It is this, and I will listen again and again and again…
Earth Wind & Fire is the backing band and it was produced by Maurice White btw.

Deniece Williams from This Is Niecy, 1976


Lee Moses

October 29, 2013


Lee Moses died in 1997 and only released 8 singles in his lifetime. Here are two deeply soulful tracks from his Time And Place compilation LP from 1971:

This is a bluesier version of Jimmy Hendrix‘s original:

MP3: Lee Moses-Hey Joe (DivShare preview & link)

From the title and the chorus you’d think this was a civil rights anthem. But after a few refrains we find it’s an ode to he and his lover’s secret love affair, ala Me And Mrs. Jones:

MP3: Lee Moses- Free At Last


What the heck is happening to me?

July 25, 2013

Up until this year, If this song came on the radio I couldn’t turn the channel fast enough. Now I like.

This is one of the obscure standout tracks on the 100 plus-track Arctic Records box set of Philly soul.

Any track from Philly’s Sapphires just melts me.


Philly Soul 3

June 26, 2013


I just found out Barbara Mason, the originator of the Philadelphia sound (Yes I’m Ready), grew up on Francis Street, right around the corner from me.

Barbara Mason interview

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MP3: Barbara Mason- Who Will You Hurt Next

Apparently now a barber in Camden? 1969:

MP3: Billy Harner- Fool Me



MP3: The O’Jays- You’re Too Sweet

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Cindy Scott was also known as Sundray Tucker, and she’s got quite a lengthy pedigree. This is a classic northern soul stomper from Philly ~1967:

MP3: Cindy Scott- I Love You Baby



June 6, 2013


I’ve mentioned this Detroit-based singer before. Now he just released a new album¬†this spring, and is touring, and hitting Philly this weekend.

LOVE this track. Also check out Making Time from said LP.

MP3: Zo! feat. Eric Roberson- We Are On The Move


Showing The Love for The Dramatics

February 14, 2013


Here’s a special Valentine’s treat from Wax Poetics Magazine. They’ve compiled a list of 20 Hit Records by Philly’s beloved Dramatics.

The Wax Poetics record label will also release a new Dramatics album in March, their first since 1974. It’s not really the full band, but a project by lead songwriter/falsetto singer William Hart.

My favorite columnist A.D. Amorosi also wrote a piece in the City Paper on the Hart and his new release.

The last time I wrote a special post on Valentine’s Day was back in 2009. It is still relevant, so if you didn’t see it then, check it out now.

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Al Green

November 19, 2012

Al Green is still around. All hail.

MP3: Al Green- Back Up Train (1967)