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Found Footage

February 21, 2014

Sadly there are too many musical acts that have zero video clips available (at least on youtube). Ike and Tina Turner are one of the few soul acts that have a decent amount of videos available, and they’re almost all top notch.

Chances are, you’ve seen them perform Proud Mary countless times, but I’m betting you haven’t seen this footage. It’s got everything: Bright pink mini skirts on the Ikettes. Tina’s perfectly choreographed dance moves. Full horn section. Best of all? It’s LIVE on television. God I’d pay anything to have been in that audience.

Taken from 1969’s The Hunter

MP3: Ike and Tina Turner-Bold Soul Sister

Without exageration, this is absolutely my number ONE desert island track. No. Not number 8, nor number 3, not even 2. The Stones are not higher. Neither is Aretha, or Neil Young. It is this, and I will listen again and again and again…
Earth Wind & Fire is the backing band and it was produced by Maurice White btw.

Deniece Williams from This Is Niecy, 1976


Burn Your Bridges For No Good Reason

January 29, 2014

Gotdamn it’s been a while since I’ve posted. No worries– here’s some old gems and some new nuggets for 2014. Git busy!

Angel Olsen (no not one of the twins) new LP next month (2/14).

Been meaning to post Nashville’s DeRobert & The Half-Truths for a month now. Finally a comtemporary soul act worth its salt that’s NOT from Europe:

I'm tryin DeRobert copy

New album I’m Tryin’ on the GEDSoul label, also outta Nashville.

Also been meaning to give these youngsters a proper post of their own but will have to toss ’em in here for the sake of time.
They’re Lancaster PA natives (not Pennsylvania Dutch as far as I know), and they all moved to Philly. They’ve already supported White Denim and are now touring with Dr. Dog. Wow.

I can’t embed their BandCamp track but you can check out more about them at Weathervane Music.

Here’s a rarity; A Jamaican DJ giving a ‘big up’ to a policeman. This 80’s King Jammy-produced dancehall is fantastic in all levels, but the lyrics are just perfect. Major Worries copped this from Echo Minott but kills it. download here.

I am Constable Brown they call me Boy Blue.
I have here a warrant to arrest you.
cuz you beat up de girl till she black and blue
and ask what the hell the police can do?
I come to show what police can do
I’m gonna show what police can do
I have a baton… like a rock stone
I’m gwan introduce it to your jawbone…

Punany Riddim

Ironically, Major Worries died violently in the late 80s.

Speaking of violence, this next track is from Philly’s own Steady B, whose career was cut short for taking part in the murder of a Philadelphia police officer.

Lutan Fyah from the 2012 Shank I Tun Up Riddim

Dang Bo Diddley did some nice work in the early 70s.



January 6, 2014

There are a lot of great versions of this track that first appeared in 1955. The first one here is arguably the best.

Dawn Penn first recorded You Don’t Love Me for Studio One in 1967, but then re-recorded the rocksteady original with a bouncy dancehall hit with Steely and Clevie in 1994.

Eve‘s cover with Stephen and Damian Marley is a close second. 2001.

Willie Cobbs‘ 1960 version is the version most of the covers copy. It is based loosely on Bo Diddley‘s 1955 version. This is a bluesy scorcher.

Ike & Tina

Sonny & Cher‘s version surprisingly isn’t too bad.

Bo Diddley‘s original in ’55.


2013 Top Tracks

December 17, 2013


photo taken this morning by yours truly

I’m gonna get my top ‘o the year list done early since I never get around to it most years. Some on the list are full LPs, some are EPs, and most are just singles. …and there’s no “top 10” or “top 50”– it’s gonna be my “top 13”. Basically all willy nilly, OK? Here goes:

R&B seems to have careened into either kiddy krap or adult jazz-lite. This LP is a breath of soul/R&B.
Zo!- Manmade LP

Seems the majority of my faves this year fit the electronic/dance/house variety. This deep house track from Brooklyn DJ Chris Malinchak was released just before 2013 but it blew up this year.

The original mix of this track by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel (with Andre Espeut on vocals) isn’t too shabby, but this remix by Pete Herbert takes it up three notches:


Suffdaddy is a beatmaker from Berlin by way of Australia… or is it Australia by way of Berlin?

There’s this dude Sharam Jey from Cologne and a label called Bunny Tiger from Berlin and they put out so much solid high quality house this year I almost can’t decide which track to choose. Most of his collabs with Night Talk are great, but this track with Phonique tops ’em all:

Pure pop ala Calif. & Idaho from Honey Bones and their solid self-titled debut EP:

I’m not even listening to much indie rock anymore but if I had to name a favorite indie act White Denim would be my pick of the decade. They released Corsica Lemonade this year and again, hard to pick a favorite from such a great album. Check out this in-studio version of a track:

OK so I spoke too soon. Deerhunter is my tops for the decade just above White Fence. This years’ Monomania isn’t as great as their five previous LPs but this track is a standout:

This track just blows me away. Mr. Car:

Can’t have a ton ten without a proper hip hop selection. I chose the album It’s Nice To Meet You from Fatnice even before I remembered that these are local Philly guys. I can’t embed Bandcamp tracks in WordPress so click here to check out the top track Lets Get it feat Soultastic.


That’s all I’ve got time for, but it you have more time check out these honorable mentions:

The Internet- Don’tcha

The White Lamp- Make it Good

Handbook- Titanomachy LP

Bondax- Gold EP

Ben Pearce- What I Might Do




November 7, 2013

Last night in Philly:
Philly sunset

New flea market finds:
new records

My sinister nephew and his sleeping sister:
trent ava draw on face

Beer Barons tour at Laurel Hill cemetery this fall:
Sly Fox at Betz mausoleum

This might get annoying after the tenth listen:

From Ann Peebles’ Straight From The Heart LP, 1971 (not the cover LP shown)

Little Animal, 2012:


Just picked up this Steely Dan album. 1976:



Boogie Goodies

October 31, 2013

Tom Moulton

Tom Moulton, the father of the 12″ disco single

Andrea True Connection- More, More, More Pt. 1 (Tom Moulton 12″ mix), 1975:

Hokus Pokis 1975:

This is a 1980 British cover which is actually disco-i-er than the original 1978 version by Aquarium Dream. I don’t know which one I like better so I’ll take both thanks:

MP3: Starship Orchestra- You’re A Star

We’ll leave you with a 1975 German disco cover of a Yardbirds classic. I wonder how Jimmy Page felt about this at the time… you know, with the whole “disco sucks” movement with the rockers and all:

The video is a must:


Lee Moses

October 29, 2013


Lee Moses died in 1997 and only released 8 singles in his lifetime. Here are two deeply soulful tracks from his Time And Place compilation LP from 1971:

This is a bluesier version of Jimmy Hendrix‘s original:

MP3: Lee Moses-Hey Joe (DivShare preview & link)

From the title and the chorus you’d think this was a civil rights anthem. But after a few refrains we find it’s an ode to he and his lover’s secret love affair, ala Me And Mrs. Jones:

MP3: Lee Moses- Free At Last