About Bad Luck City

Bad Luck City is a web log written by The Thinman. Yes, he is quite thin.

He resides in the City of Brotherly love and he writes about all things urban, all things music, and all bicycling all the time, yet he has expensive taste in all things music and beer.

Feel free to contact him with complaints, gripes, praises, propositions, free stuff, or suggestions for saving money at:

thinman.in.philly at gmail dot com



  1. Matt,
    This is great! I’ve never been on a blog site. Very cool.

    I didn’t know you were so good with words outside of bitching and moaning. I will definitely check back often.


  2. I’m still trying to enlarge the hunting picture so that your grandfather can see your former pet.

    I have never blogged before.

  3. YO! you cant just say this city has “bad luck”
    somebody’ll hate to b the on to say “i told you so”
    but atleast we distribute the purest street cred in america.

  4. just read your review of Smooth Hoperator. Just got home with a case. Same deal. Purchased on a whim hoping for an IPA and knowing Stoudts usually delivers. Unlike you, I like it. I drink IPAs almost exclusively so I’m liking this as something different. I find it very hoppy.

    As for the Bell’s Two Hearted, I just finished my case last week. Excellent. Purchased at Shangy’s in Emmaus (Lehigh Valley) for $31. If you really love it, might be worth the 2 hour round trip from Philly to get it. I know they will have it. Their selection is unrivaled.

  5. thinman, i have one of those Adam Scheidt bottles for you.
    the labels say, “IRTP”

  6. http://www.phillybeerweek.org/

  7. how do i get in contact/send free material to be reviewed?

  8. Hi. I love this blog- how do you get music clips on your page?

  9. Do you know why they call it the city of “brotherly love”.

  10. bitches/gripes.. for realzz?!
    i love brothers, and i love love. i like bitches too;)

  11. Cheers from Denver, Colorado. Tripped across your blog tonight.
    I like the story about the breweries. I didn’t know Philly was so starved for it’s own brewers. Here in Colorado we have lots of budding Mom-n-Pops. Super-local beer abounds. The New Belgian is getting bigger with it Fat Tire brand.

    Anyway, I lived in Philly years ago and have gf in West Chester. Been thinking of moving back and you guys remind me how cool it is there.


  12. stumbled across you while trying to find jim boggia’s birthday 🙂 i’m a fanfriend of his that moved to england from florida (originally from pa.) yrs ago and i’ve been a fan just as long. am seeing him tonight at the portobello gold. he played the pub i work at on halloween 🙂 anyway! thanks for giving me *some* idea of his age. he’s not making it easy to find online! 🙂

  13. love this dude!
    _Emergency Bible Study

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