Found Footage

February 21, 2014

Sadly there are too many musical acts that have zero video clips available (at least on youtube). Ike and Tina Turner are one of the few soul acts that have a decent amount of videos available, and they’re almost all top notch.

Chances are, you’ve seen them perform Proud Mary countless times, but I’m betting you haven’t seen this footage. It’s got everything: Bright pink mini skirts on the Ikettes. Tina’s perfectly choreographed dance moves. Full horn section. Best of all? It’s LIVE on television. God I’d pay anything to have been in that audience.

Taken from 1969’s The Hunter

MP3: Ike and Tina Turner-Bold Soul Sister

Without exageration, this is absolutely my number ONE desert island track. No. Not number 8, nor number 3, not even 2. The Stones are not higher. Neither is Aretha, or Neil Young. It is this, and I will listen again and again and again…
Earth Wind & Fire is the backing band and it was produced by Maurice White btw.

Deniece Williams from This Is Niecy, 1976


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