Burn Your Bridges For No Good Reason

January 29, 2014

Gotdamn it’s been a while since I’ve posted. No worries– here’s some old gems and some new nuggets for 2014. Git busy!

Angel Olsen (no not one of the twins) new LP next month (2/14).

Been meaning to post Nashville’s DeRobert & The Half-Truths for a month now. Finally a comtemporary soul act worth its salt that’s NOT from Europe:

I'm tryin DeRobert copy

New album I’m Tryin’ on the GEDSoul label, also outta Nashville.

Also been meaning to give these youngsters a proper post of their own but will have to toss ’em in here for the sake of time.
They’re Lancaster PA natives (not Pennsylvania Dutch as far as I know), and they all moved to Philly. They’ve already supported White Denim and are now touring with Dr. Dog. Wow.

I can’t embed their BandCamp track but you can check out more about them at Weathervane Music.

Here’s a rarity; A Jamaican DJ giving a ‘big up’ to a policeman. This 80’s King Jammy-produced dancehall is fantastic in all levels, but the lyrics are just perfect. Major Worries copped this from Echo Minott but kills it. download here.

I am Constable Brown they call me Boy Blue.
I have here a warrant to arrest you.
cuz you beat up de girl till she black and blue
and ask what the hell the police can do?
I come to show what police can do
I’m gonna show what police can do
I have a baton… like a rock stone
I’m gwan introduce it to your jawbone…

Punany Riddim

Ironically, Major Worries died violently in the late 80s.

Speaking of violence, this next track is from Philly’s own Steady B, whose career was cut short for taking part in the murder of a Philadelphia police officer.

Lutan Fyah from the 2012 Shank I Tun Up Riddim

Dang Bo Diddley did some nice work in the early 70s.


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