Colemine Records: Big Things In A Small Funky Package

December 18, 2013

Thanks to FleaMarketFunk I now love Colemine Records out of Ohio.

Flea Market Funk


If there is one record label that has quietly slid into place under the radar of indie labels out there over the past five years, it is Colemine Records out of Ohio. Founded by teacher and musician/ producer Terry Cole, Colemine has been releasing some really great 45s from bands you never heard of. Don’t worry, you will hear from them, this label is on the move. People are starting to take notice, and a recent gig by Cut Chemist highlighted a 45 Afro Beat release from Jungle Fire, a member of the Colemine stable. No small feat to get into that guy’s record box. This Midwest little giant has been championed by a multitude of DJs who have been playing theirs 45s since the beginning (including this author and DJ). Colemine Records has gathered quite a following in the world of Modern Funk & Soul 45s, and has been…

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