2013 Top Tracks

December 17, 2013


photo taken this morning by yours truly

I’m gonna get my top ‘o the year list done early since I never get around to it most years. Some on the list are full LPs, some are EPs, and most are just singles. …and there’s no “top 10” or “top 50”– it’s gonna be my “top 13”. Basically all willy nilly, OK? Here goes:

R&B seems to have careened into either kiddy krap or adult jazz-lite. This LP is a breath of soul/R&B.
Zo!- Manmade LP

Seems the majority of my faves this year fit the electronic/dance/house variety. This deep house track from Brooklyn DJ Chris Malinchak was released just before 2013 but it blew up this year.

The original mix of this track by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel (with Andre Espeut on vocals) isn’t too shabby, but this remix by Pete Herbert takes it up three notches:


Suffdaddy is a beatmaker from Berlin by way of Australia… or is it Australia by way of Berlin?

There’s this dude Sharam Jey from Cologne and a label called Bunny Tiger from Berlin and they put out so much solid high quality house this year I almost can’t decide which track to choose. Most of his collabs with Night Talk are great, but this track with Phonique tops ’em all:

Pure pop ala Calif. & Idaho from Honey Bones and their solid self-titled debut EP:

I’m not even listening to much indie rock anymore but if I had to name a favorite indie act White Denim would be my pick of the decade. They released Corsica Lemonade this year and again, hard to pick a favorite from such a great album. Check out this in-studio version of a track:

OK so I spoke too soon. Deerhunter is my tops for the decade just above White Fence. This years’ Monomania isn’t as great as their five previous LPs but this track is a standout:

This track just blows me away. Mr. Car:

Can’t have a ton ten without a proper hip hop selection. I chose the album It’s Nice To Meet You from Fatnice even before I remembered that these are local Philly guys. I can’t embed Bandcamp tracks in WordPress so click here to check out the top track Lets Get it feat Soultastic.


That’s all I’ve got time for, but it you have more time check out these honorable mentions:

The Internet- Don’tcha

The White Lamp- Make it Good

Handbook- Titanomachy LP

Bondax- Gold EP

Ben Pearce- What I Might Do



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