Craft Cans and Classic Reggae

June 12, 2013

Hop Notch Uinta

Uinta Brewery outta Salt Lake City has been around a while, and their Hop Notch IPA has been available in bottles and draft here in Philly for a year or so. Now they’re also available in cans, which I’m quite happy about. I love the design, and the beer is nice too. I prefer this IPA over all of it’s East Coast competitors.

Now for the music; Pictured is Johnny Osbourne‘s 1995 LP Mr. Buddy Bye, which is a collection of his Prince Jammy-produced early 80s dancehall. To me this album epitomizes the classic days of early 80s drum machine dancehall. It’s hard for me to pick just one track from this album, but I’m gonna go for my favorite, supposedly on the Far East riddim, ~1980:

MP3: Johnny Osbourne- Trench Town School

I used to go to Trench Town School, as a little boy.
The teacher say I was too damn rude,
I used to play with my toy in school.
I never graduate and I couldn’t learn a thing,
and every day the teacher say the same same ting.
In ’69 me set to sing a hit song,
and (unintel) said I couldn’t go wrong,
But it was until ’71 and then the children start to sing my song.
That’s when I know I couldn’t go wrong,
A tra la la la la a sing my song,
… and all the children just a hum along.

This just might be a weekly or monthly feature on BLCB.

Uinta can lineup



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