Oury Grips- Made in the USA

June 7, 2013

Oury grip blue

There are plenty of other handlebar grips out there, and many of those might be superior to Oury grips, but I’ve had an affinity for them since I was a kid, when every  motocross biker worth a shit had Oury grips on his dirt bike.

Yeah, they get kinda gooey in the heat, and they don’t always like to stay in place on the bar, but their thick, soft rubber absorbs road shock better than anything else, they have a much larger diameter so they fit large hands like mine (ha) , their multitude of colors will match any bike you got, and they’re cheap at 8 to 12 bucks a pair.

The best thing about ’em? They’re made in the good ‘ol United States. Pretty rare.

As with any color other than black, they get pretty dirty. The clear ones I bought when I built my road bike looked great with the blue bars showing through. But as you can see, they got nasty fast. I park my bike in my office, and visitors take a wide birth trying not to catch a disease from them. My kid asked me what color they were originally, and was flabbergasted when I said “clear” (he also corrected me by saying that clear isn’t a color). I popped them in the dishwasher just to see if they clean up at all, but I’m not going to expect much. I figured a better bet for a replacement would be blue.

Here’s a photo of them when they were new.

old oury grip

I’ll leave you with a trick for getting tight old grips off a bar, short of cutting them off. If you have an air compressor with a blower attachment, stick the tip under the grip as far as you can and squeeze the trigger. The air pressure eventually lifts the entire grip off the bar allowing you to rotate it off.


Oury Grips are located in Arkansas of all places… but for the life of me I can’t find out how long they’ve been around.


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