Top Notch: Rollo & Grady

June 6, 2013

rollo & grady

Yes yes, I realize yous kids not only don’t bother with CDs anymore, you don’t even use a computer, so reading or perusing a website is almost as passé as reading a newspaper. I also realize you don’t even bother downloading songs. You just stream them to your phone from Spotify, or just listen via youtube. Audio quality be damned!

Well I still browse a few websites on an actual computer and preview new music when I can, just to stay on top of the heap of new stuff hitting the streets, and I still enjoy hoarding music, no matter what format it’s in. Streaming ain’t gonna happen for me.

So Occasionally I find a track I really like, but it seems every time I peruse L.A.-based Rollo & Grady, every track, every artist, everything… is just top notch. So I’m gonna repost just a few (without their permission, natch).

If you likey, head over for more of the same, and listen on that tinny little blue toof speaker you got connected to your Blackberry.

MP3: GRMLN- Summer Days

MP3: Sic Alps- Message From The Law

MP3: Clembutt- Teenage Girl

MP3: Pangea- Sick Shit (Rollo & Grady Session)
MP3: Eternal Summers- Silver


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