America’s Best Beer Drinking City

June 3, 2013

Seeing as I got really sick during the first annual Philly Beer Week AND last year’s (either the flu or alcohol poisoning, or both) I tried to take it easy this year. I caught Philly Beer history GOD Rich Wagner‘s lecture at the Philadelphia Brewing Company, then checked out Half Acre‘s selection of 16 ouncers at Memphis Taproom‘s beer garden, where the hammer of glory happened to show up, and both owners of said taproom (plus 4 others in the city) made an appearance AND remembered me, even though we’ve only run into each other maybe every four years.

The Akari Shogun American Wheat was amazing. I also picked up a case of the brand new in a can Dreamin’ IPA from Manayunk Brewing Company. Apparently they use a mobile canning line so it’s a bit pricey at $60+ a case.

How’d it taste? Meh. Actually, not bad. 8.5%.

Also pictured is one of my most cherished posessions. No, not my son, but my Hamms cooler from around 1960. I had the exact one in high school, and always kept it in the trunk of my ’70 Impala. I moved to Philly, left the car in my Dad’s barn, and one year it was just disappeared. Thanks eBay!


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  1. Why is there no mention of the locals yelling yuppie at you?

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