April 17, 2013

lost records

I was riding my bike to work this fine spring morning, crossing through a rather large intersection and noticed a bunch of record albums strewn about the road. I figured they were probably common classic rock or show tunes but I stopped to get a closer look anyway, and to my horror, they were almost all classic 70s soul, and all of them- each and every one- had been driven over countless times, so there was no chance of resuscitation.

Titles included The Four Tops, The Commodores Live, Stevie Wonder, Funkadelic, Miles Davis

Here’s some new stuff to drown our sorrows:

My favorite new reggae producer AND singer have a new release expected in Sept. I ripped this new track from a live BBC show:

MP3: Prince Fatty feat Holly Cook- Superfast

D’Angelo and Philly’s ?uestlove did a live cover of S.O.S Band‘s Tell Me If You Still Care. The sound quality is excellent so I hadda rip a version:

MP3: D’Angelo- Tell Me If You Still Care (Live)

Here’s the vid

Portland’s* STRFKR have a new LP on Polyvinyl Records and itsa nice. No clunkers throughout:

MP3: STRFKR- Beach Monster (4shared download)

*From today on, no one shall append the word “Oregon” after writing the word “Portland”. When mentioning music, culture, food, etc. from that city, all readers will assume we mean the West Coast version.


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