My Ever Changing Moods

April 3, 2013

This video is amazing on so many levels. The song is a forgotten favorite that I just heard for the first time in years.

I never knew this video existed until today, so what a shock it is to see young Paul Weller lip-syncing while riding a vintage 80s road bike. (Notice how their saddles are sitting almost directly on the frame? That’s how they sized ’em back then, two sizes too large!)
I dug this up from my old collection of mixtapes. I’ll tell you more about them later because it’s quite a story. In the meantime, here are more gems from that pile.

Paul’s old band. 1980:

Mark E. Smith and his revolving door band The Fall have more records than I have parking tickets. Lucky for me, their best was released while I was a college radio DJ, so I got to play the hell out of I Am Kurious Oranj. There are a handful of stellar tracks on that LP that stand up well to the times. 1988:

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The Damned 1979:

Damn I had way too much industrial music on those cassettes. Not much of that Wax Trax Chicago shit sounds very good today so all of those tapes can go directly in the trash.

One industrial band that really holds up well is Nitzer Ebb. I even have a friend of a friend to recently admitted than they’re still his favorite band. Both from 1988:

I’ll leave with an early Madchester track from Happy Mondays. The press reported that leader Shaun Ryder was tripping balls 24/7 and he looks to be as such in this video.

I wrote for luck, they sent me you. Classic. 1989:


One comment

  1. Thanks for the throwback….loved the Paul Weller and especially the Fall. I always thought that the blonde guitar player was hot in a trashy sort of way. I think she was married to Mark E. Smith at one point….

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