Yummy Yucky 2

December 14, 2012

Ranger & Odyssey IPAs

Picked up New Belgium‘s (new) Ranger IPA when I was in the Midwest over Thanksgiving. Colorado’s New Belgium, one of the country’s largest craft brewers thanks to it’s Fat Tire Amber Ale, is available all over the country EXCEPT Pennsylvania, NJ, and New England.

Maybe that’ll change once they build their new East Coast facility. Ranger IPA is darn good. Once the cap is popped the fresh hop aroma permeates the room, just like a fresh hop harvest ale. However, once poured the smell quickly dissipates (which is pretty standard) but the flavor continues. I can’t wait until I can get some here in Philly!

On the flip side, I was really looking forward to Sly Fox‘s Odyssey imperial IPA now in a can. I didn’t really have high expectations since their regular Route 113 IPA is just so-so, but I was excited about finally having an affordable and local double IPA at my disposal. The fact that its available in a can is an added bonus.

Problem is, it sucks. Tastes like plastic. And I even got a pretty fresh case. Oh well. At least their Royal Weisse is good.

By the way, they also released a Christmas Ale in a can, but I haven’t tried it. Anyone of you who have, please let me know how it is.

sly fox christmas ale can


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