Thanksgiving sharing

November 14, 2012

It’s been FIVE years since I posted the first Thanksgiving travel tracks. Darng.

Besides Coxsonne Dodd, Jackie Mittoo was the keyboardist and the soul behind all of the Studio 1 tracks. Most of his albums are filled with the same riddims with his organ filling in for the vocals. But here’s a rare, non-reggae funk track that really rips.

From his 1969 LP Keep On Dancing:

MP3: Jackie Mittoo- Juice Box

I’m a week late (to the day) to mention the election, but I’m soo thankful to the state of Wisconsin for pulling through and going blue. To show my thanks, I’m sharing Milwaukee’s little known female hip hop artist SigNif, who’s got quite a large and solid chunk of work on her Bandcamp page.

Check her out and download a track or three to show your gratefulness too.

This one is from 2011’s Embracing Rejection. Her new EP is free.

MP3: SigNif- Like My Style

OK so here’s where I get pressed for time so you’re gonna have to buy these last two if you want ’em.

Here’s a Nashville act, electro pop band Cherub. Wait for the chorus. Trust me:

Hell I’m all over the map here anyway so let’s end it with some afrobeat from Nigeria:


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  1. great work music.

    On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 1:57 PM, WordPress.com

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