Bad Luck

September 18, 2012

I’m sure you’ve driven on roads just after workers have scraped a layer of asphalt from before they repave. You’ve probably noticed how rough and gravely it is, and wondered how much it would suck to fall on it I’m sure.

So I’m missing a layer of skin on my right side, but I was wearing a helmet and my arm probably isn’t broken, even though I still can’t move it much after 3 days.

This was the first accident on my beloved Guerciotti and I bent the forks pretty bad. (the wheel is fine, the forks not. Weird) Also tore up the leather Selle saddle.

Contrary to what most people think, I really don’t crash all that much for how many miles I commute; this one happened on the last 3 miles of around 120 miles ridden last week. Coincidentally, my last crash was over 3 years ago, and it ALSO happened on this same rough asphalt surface. Just my luck. I’d seriously rather fall on a pile of broken glass.



  1. Worst commute…..EVER!

    Kinda like my last vacation out to Pennsylvania…..

    It’s also why I won’t ride my bike at all without having health insurance.

  2. Sorry about your arm. How is it doing?????

    Love you

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