Cleveland Gang

August 30, 2012

More photos from trip thru Cleveland. Besides the Dazz Band and Joe Walsh and The James Gang, not as many pop acts hail from Cleveland compared to other rust belt cities. Apparently the radio DJ who coined the term “rock n roll” worked for a Cleveland radio station so that makes it the obvious choice for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

No hard feelings. The city that spawned the funkiest white American of all time is cool with me.



  1. I hate to break it to ya, but the whole Alan Freed getting credit for the phrase “rock & roll” is a complete fabrication. Since white people don’t generally know history very well (or they only know very select parts of history), Freed gets credit with coining the phrase because that was the first time white people ever heard the phrase.
    Freed got popular by playing (borrowing, using – depends on your perspective) black rhythm & blues music for white folks in Ohio. Black rhythm & blues music was considered “naughty & taboo” for “decent” white folks back then, so kids went out and bought the records as a way of rebelling against their parents (kids never change no matter what year the calendar says it is). Freed caught on to the trend. He didn’t invent the music, and he didn’t invent the phrase. The phrase, just like the music, originated in the black community and from within their music & music scene – well before Alan Freed ever thought of repeating it. Freed just used the phrase along with the music for self promotion, and as a way to describe the music without the racial connotation of the term Rhythm & Blues for the white people who listened to his radio show. His listeners would have changed the station or demanded Freed be fired if they knew he was playing “black music” on their radio.


  2. I will say that Freed was the first person to use the phrase as a description of the music. Why did he do it? Well, if you were a teenager who listened to the R&B music, you heard the phrase “rock & roll” all the time in many songs – and you knew it was a referrence to sex. It was basically Freed using a musically familiar “code name” to tell the kids who knew the music exactly what he was playing. The kids knew the phrase from the music, and Freed knew that he could use the code name “rock & roll” so the kids would know what kind of music he was playing while their parents wouldn’t have a clue that it was something bad they wouldn’t approve of for their children.
    Boom. Instant success.
    And now you know the rest of the story….
    Good Day!

  3. I had/have no interest in seeing the R&R HOF. Seemed like a bag idea when they invented it, and still does. Seriously: What is the criteria for getting in? Abba made it in. Nuff said.

  4. Our wives are both hotties. Nicki thinks she looks like a Jedi Knight in that photo.

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