Time For The High Life

August 17, 2012

I drank exactly THREE beers on vacation. Ha

CraftCans.com, a website devoted entirely to micro beer in cans (duh), Released the 15 Most Cantastic Places to Grab a Can of Craft Beer in America.

When I saw the title in my feedreader I immediately thought of Memphis Taproom‘s beer garden, BAR, and Morgan’s Pier, three great can-only bars in Philly. Well, 2 of them made the list. The only reason Morgan’s Pier missed is because it’s too new.

Not only does Philly make the list more than any other city (Denver is second with 2), but Percy Street BBQ tops the list at number one. Pretty cool. Sorry Seattle, Portland, DC, Chicago, Milwaukee, and all of California!

OK, haters: Yes, lists suck. And yes, the site has some sort of connection to Philadelphia. I thought it was affiliated with Oskar Blues in CO but it has a MA address, but says “Go Phillies” at the bottom of every page. I emailed the site and will clear this up soon).

UPDATE: Got a nice response from the owner:

Hey Thinman,
Well, that is a pretty good question. My name is Russ Phillips and I am located in Western Massachusetts. I lived in the Philly suburbs until I was 12 and then moved to the West Coast . I still have lots of family (including my Dad) in the Philly area. My brother, who does a lot of the web design for the site, is actually located in Stockholm, Sweden. He snuck in the Go Phillies! tag at the bottom of the page last year during the playoffs and apparently never took it off. Good eye. I guess you can say the site is based in New England but I’ve also got a writer in Michigan who helps out from time to time. My brother and I are both pretty big Phillies, Eagles and Flyers fans even though we don’t live in the area. I love Philly and definitely am a big fan of the beer scene in the city. I’ve been to all three of the places in Philly that made the Top 15 list – and a number of the others located in other parts of the country. Percy St makes it to the top as they now have over 120 different cans available and the food is ridiculously good. I’ll be down in Philly next week and am going to Percy Street to present them with something special for being #1 and to catch a Phillies game with a buddy of mine. What’s sort of funny is that Philly had 3 very deserving places on that Top 15 list and yet not a single brewery in Philly cans their beers (yet). I promise there was no bias when it came to picking those three places – they were all well deserving of being on the list. I read your post and am not too familiar with Morgan’s Pier – I’ll have to check it out.

Now I gotta get myself to Percy Street.


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