Perpetual Victory!

July 25, 2012

We visited the Victory Brewery up in Downingtown and brought home a jug (I refuse the use the word “growler”) of Victory’s Ranch series imperial IPA. They’ve been brewing this new series for a some time now. While keeping a fixed recipe, they change up the hop variety with each revision. The name “Ranch” comes from the ranch or farm they work with to obtain each hop variety.

It was aromatic as hell, and delicious.
Let’s hope someday they brew it year-round, like Troegs is now doing with their Perpetual IPA.

Bout time. After I emptied this jug I filled it with said IPA at the new Troeg’s brewery in Hershey for 10 bucks. Their new location is a mere mile from my in-laws house, making each visit that much more bearable.



  1. That sounds fun. FYI, growler etymology here: http://beeradvocate.com/articles/384.

  2. Colin- I’m still doubtful of the word’s origins. It’s still a plain ol’ “jug” to me. And I still order a “large” coffee at Starbucks… not a “grande”.

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