Your Playing Days Are Over

July 10, 2012

Been all over the place for the past week. While I was away BadLuckCityBlog had one of it’s busiest days ever, but I have no idea how or why.

This post on Grand Funk Railroad has gotten quite a few neat comments, but not that many hits. This one about Craigslist scams gets quite a bit of traffic, but nowhere near 300 hits a day.

This is great, but I wish more readers would comment on the music. It takes a lot of effort to pillage and post this stuff people! C’mon- show some love in the comments section.

Now on to said music.

I can’t find a single speck of information on this disco funk ode to Dr. J. I just found it on the 2011 disco comp The Best Of Disco Demands by Al Kent:

MP3: The Fans- Dr Dunk (Ballad Of Dr J)

I like this cover MUCH better than the original, and I’m even a big Ruby Andrews fan, so that’s saying a lot for this disco boogie track from 1980:

MP3: Coffee- Casanova

Well since I mentioned Ruby, I have to post my favorite of hers. From her 1972 LP Black Ruby:

MP3: Ruby Andrews- Just Loving You



  1. When I saw the disco cover, I immediately heard….”bow-chicka-bow-wow-chicka-ckicka-wow-wow bump”.

    Play that funky music, white boy! Lay down that boogie, and play that funky music ’til you die!
    Your music selections are always appreciated and enjoyed! Thanks for the, you know, effort.

    Great job!

  2. (smiley face)
    (gold star)
    (banana sticker)

  3. ruby andrews track is in the “i need to make an edit of this” folder.

    i always look forward to your posts. music, pics, beer, or town happenings. its all quality.



  4. Thanks to 2 dudes who still know music!

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