D’Angelo comes out of hiding

June 14, 2012

D’Angelo, THEE finest of the new/old/neo soul artists, released a couple albums in the mid 90s and early 2000s, then vanished.

A handful of tracks from his Voodoo LP never ever ever leave my iPod, but I’ve been longing for something new from him for over a decade now. Well he’s finally come out of hiding, has done his first interview in ages, and played a few one-off shows. Pretty exciting. Then the big news: Jay-Z announced the lineup for his Budweiser Made in America festival in Philly, and D’Angelo is on the bill! That means a new record should be in the works.

Here’s his interview in GQ, his first in 12 years. Sounds like he was battling some serious addiction. The Roots’ Questlove is quoted heavily in the article, so perhaps he played a part in getting D on the bill here in Philly.

Here’s his best track in my book. Lets hope he gets his shit together and releases something close to this perfect:

MP3: D’Angelo- Send It On


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