Long Wknd

June 5, 2012

Philly Beer Week kickoff, bike race, then sick as a dog for 2.5 days. They actually overlapped a bit.

I also got sick during the first PBW, so I won’t be participating next year.

American Sardine Bar is John Longacre’s new place on 18th way south of Washington. The dude isn’t afraid to go off the beaten path because he knows the rest will follow. Recognize the gut I mean guy on the far right?

The taplist at the 2nd Street Brew House, just an example of what my liver had to contend with.

The beer bottle’s days are numbered. So many places in this city serve ONLY draft and cans. Now even the Belgians are canning.

Roast pork w/ sharp provolone and broccoli rabe from Shanks. No, this is not what got me sick.

I never knew Anheuser Busch created their own video game! At Barcade.

Firestone Walker tap takover at Sardine Bar. So damn tasty.


One comment

  1. You never played the Tapper video game?? Oh, it’s a classic!! Came out in the late 80’s I think. You pour beer and have to slide it down the bar to the patrons without letting any hit the floor.

    Beer Week. Pfftt! Skinny – I’m German – every week is BEER WEEK to me!! We don’t celebrate beer for one week a year, we celebrate beer every week of the year!

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