May 2, 2012

Since I’m the king of flats I have to buy kevlar-belted tires so I only ride Vittoria. I have to replace them about once every year-and-a-half which isn’t that often since I switch between 2 bikes. I don’t have to replace because they’re threadbare but because they get slashes and gashes from glass, which leads to blowouts.

This time I went for Vittoria Zaffiro in the usual 23c width in WHITE because they were on sale at bike nashbar.

Figured I’d take a picture of them before they hit the pavement, because they’ll be black in about 3 miles.

Speaking of miles, I was able to commute year-round because of the mild winter. I mark a calendar of the days I ride (as opposed to the days I wimp out and take the train) so I added up the miles I’ve commuted to work via bicycle since the new year, roughly 4 months, not counting weekend rides or errands.

The grand total is 975 miles. Not bad for an old dude I guess.


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