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April 24, 2012

Churchkey Can Co. Bringing Back Flat Top Cans

Why the flat top beer can? Why the hell not? Experience drinking beer straight from the original beer can.
Over dinner in the summer of 2010, Adrian Grenier and Justin Hawkins both shared an interest in someday drinking a beer from an old flat top style beer can—to experience a great beer in a simple can as the generations before them had enjoyed.
Wondering what it was really like, this conversation quickly led to the realization that this type of can no longer existed. So the seed for Churchkey Can Co. was planted. Beverage industry alum, Ryan Sowards, joined the cause, as did the folks from Ball Corporation to help get the flat top can just right.
Learn more at churchkeycanco.com

This is pretty exciting news for beer history nerds and breweriana collectors. I know it’s totally dorky but I’m dying to get my hands on one of these. See, I missed out on flat top cans since the poptop/pulltab was introduced in the late ’60s and completely widespread by the 70s.

So if any of my coworker or cousins read this, travel to Seattle, and return WITHOUT  a sixpack for me, they will be disowned.

Will cone top cans be next?


One comment

  1. The only thing I can remember that had a flat top can was Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Most other liquids in cans had a pull top tab – the kind you’d step on with bare feet in the summer, or almost accidentally swallow if you dropped the tab in the can after opening.

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