April 20, 2012

The weather was so beautiful on my bike commute this morning that I decided to take a 3 block detour over to 46th & Market and pay respects to Dick Clark, who died this week. Dick started American Bandstand at the tv studio there in the 50s before moving to L.A. and becoming omnipresent on TV for most of my life. Most of his obits mention Bandstand and New Years Eve specials, but I remember him more for daytime game shows and guest spots on talk shows.

I distinctly remember Brick performing Dusic on American Bandstand, but can’t find footage, so we have to settle for their Soul Train performance from 1977:

Hall & Oates are from Philly, but this performance is long after Bandstand moved West. 1982:

A philly performance:

By the way, the Bandstand site is right across the El from this amazingly out-of-place, longtime semi-vacant campus and building. There’s been talk of moving the police headquarters into it, but nothing has happened so far.

(photo courtesy hiddencityphila)



  1. Skinny – you are nearly right about Brick on American Bandstand.

    Brick performed the song “Dazz” on American Bandstand on 02/19/1977. I couldn’t find any video of that performance.

    This is just fo you, Thinman — Blog theme music

    Speaking of the great Philly sound, I can’t believe you didn’t give this band props — the song below is a personal favorite of mine!

    I remember Dick Clark from the $50,000 Pyramid. Where I grew up, American Bandstand wasn’t a regular show. Also from the Bloopers show with Ed McMahon.

    • I’ve mentioned the Blue Notes and Teddy many many times in the past.

      • Well, since I’m a noob here, I wasn’t aware about the previous props given to Harold & Teddy. KUDOS! I know you know your music, though, so I shoulda figured. I suppose you already had their “Bad Luck” song as theme music too — it just kinda sounds right for theme music. LMAO

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