April 18, 2012

I always confuse the Dynamics, the Delfonics, and The Stylistics.

The Dynamics are from Detroit, signed to Stax, and continue to perform today (in a newer lineup, natch)

(embedding turned off. Click to go to youtube)

The Stylistics were/are Philly Philly PHILLY.
Despite that, this ballad still managed to fight past Journey, Boston, and Foreigner for play at my middle school dances in Michigan circa the early-80s:

Here’s my favorite obscure Stylistics track, from 1973:

Here’s another ballad that managed to sneak into the gymnasium slow dance. ..and it’s got the whole astrology theme like the first track above. The original of this tune clocks at almost 12 minutes:

The Dramatics are another one. Also from Philly, also still kicking.

And since I’m mentioning Philly soul groups, I must include The Intruders:



  1. Fenton Middle School dances. Feathered hair. Big-handled combs. REO Speedwagon. Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. Seeing who Tom Hicks and George Keeble are going to fight. Thanks for the memories.

  2. I know you’re more of an R&B fan, but Groove Merchant was pumping out some great music that you’ve probably never heard during the 1970’s, like the Jimmy McGriff track above. The song is Purple Onion. Not the best quality on this YT link, but you get the point.
    Jazz and jazz-fusion never get any respect. I think it’s because there are no lyrics for people to sing-along, IMHO.

    “Maybe if you wuz to flip it on 45 so I can dance to it…….”

  3. Don’t kid around, Thinman, you were an Air Supply fan when you were in middle school!! LMAO
    Who the heck DJ’ed your school dances and would own a Stylistics record??

    Kewl animation and this song ROCKS! This is what we got in Jr. High!

  4. That’s a good question. Maybe I’m thinking of ‘end of night’ slow dances in the clubs of Detroit after high school. Little River Band was def. playin at the jr. high dances tho!

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