Good Friday

April 6, 2012

Would be nicer if I didn’t have mismatched tires & wheels.

Last weekend in the Lehigh River Gorge

The lilacs are out. Campus is so aromatic right now, like walking into Victoria Secrets.

56th and Spruce Sts.

Installed a new antenna on the cabin. 10 HD channels for free. Not bad for upstate Pennsylvania. Would’ve taken only a few hours but like always, I had a helluva time with the masonry screws.

Cut Your Hair- Utah In Pictures. New LP at the end of April. From Spain:


One comment

  1. That has to be a mid-60’s Dodge or Plymouth hoopty, and I like it!!! Two-tone is always sweeeeeet, so just think of your bike tires the same way!
    I’d bet dollars-to-doughnuts that antenna is on the ground before summer is over! LOL

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