April 5, 2012

I’m a sucker for San Diego brews. Alesmith is a highly-rated brewery and a case of their IPA cost me 80 bucks; $20 more than Green Flash. And you know what? It isn’t worth $25. It’s barely on par with Victory Hop Devil. Boy I got whammied. Ouch.



  1. The fact that you are drinking it out of a plastic cup and you gave no descriptors is telling us that you don’t know beer. Therefore I hold no value to your review. I love AleSmith IPA along with everyone I know. We appreciate the perfect balance of malt with citrusy hops. AleSmith is highly rated not just for their high quality, great tasting beers but also for their remarkable customer service. I challenge anyone in doubt to try their beer yourself. Cheers.

  2. […] just days later I received this trite little comment on my post about AlesSmith IPA, from someone with a google alert set to email him every time someone mentions […]

  3. AleSmith – pffft.
    Snobby, craft beer drinkers piss me off (no offense, skin! ;-)). The putz who left that comment must be the brewer, a friend of the brewer, or he just wants to “out-snob” other snobby beer drinkers. His comments sound like an advertisement. Who really gives a fu&% about “customer service” when it comes to beer?!?
    Ever tried Blue Point’s Hoptical Illusion? You may like it as I’m not a fan of overly hoppy beers.
    Give me a Guinness, or give me death!

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