March 2, 2012

Is this just a Philadelphia phenomenon or is it common in other US cities? Someone please let me know.

Late in the winter every year, Russian River releases it’s triple IPA Pliny the Younger and allows select Philly area bars the chance to buy one single sixtel. The bars in turn make a special announcement about the sometimes VIP-only tapping event, sometimes held on a weekday morning, and hophead geeks from around town line up to pay big bucks for a couple swallows.

The same thing is now happening with Bells HopSlam, although to a lesser degree. A lot of these special tappings have already happened this week and last week, so I was surprised to see this sign hanging in the window of my neighborhood bar… not only because it is so late in the season, but because they’re offering BOTH rare brews on the same day.

The place is gonna be frickin MOBBED.


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