February 29, 2012

This song. THE song. I finally found you. I knew youtube would come through!

Some background:

My friend Andrew Pattison moved away in 4th grade, but I’d visit him on weekends at his house outside Flint twice a year and we’d spend the entire weekend at the rollerskating rink.

He made me a mixtape back before we even owned boomboxes. I remember this tape included Lakeside‘s Fantastic Voyage, and one of my favorite songs to this day, Philly’s Frankie Smith‘s Double Dutch Bus (which I swear I wrote about before, but alas, no).

But this one track, this one elusive song, was just plain funky, and I had no idea who it was at the time, nor have I EVER heard it again since. And I’ve spent years of my life digging in record bins and staying up late skimming youtube for it, but I didn’t have anything to go on other that one lyric; “1,2, 3,4, get your woman on the floor. You gotta get up to get down…”, but god knows that line’s been used hundreds of times. I also remembered the MC had a fake British Accent, and that it came out around 1981. That’s all I had to go on.

Alas, this week, eating my lunch, searching “1981 funk” for the umpteenth time, I finally found it.

I had no recollection that it was a ripoff of Tom Browne‘s Thighs High and Funkin’ For Jamaica, as well as Good Times by Chic.

So has it held up to the test of time? Pretty much. The lyrics are still as cheesy as I remember, but the instrumental side and the bass tops Tom Browne’s originals easily.

By the way- I think people have a few wrong assumptions about hip hop music.
1. Early rap was really influenced by disco music, and sampling isn’t a newer phenomenon. Early rappers didn’t use a “sampler” per se, but many many early hits were remakes of disco tunes.
2. Much like me and my friend Andrew, white kids have always followed rap music. Boy, we ate it up. At 16 I used to drive to downtown Flint on a weekly basis just to pick up the latest hip hop 12″ records. I couldn’t get enough of it.

So here it is. Its called Wikka Wrap (and I have no idea what “wikka” means) by The Evasions, featuring comedian Graham De Wilde doing an impression of British TV personality Alan Whicker. It made it to #20 on the US R&B charts.

Download mp3

Another hip hop cover from 1981:

Also from 1981:



  1. “Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum….well I’ll be darned, here it comes….” You were the person that turned me on to the Double Dutch Bus. Andrew Pattison….I remember one day in 1982 when he brought this really cool Trans Am to your house and I accidentally backed into it with the Blue Canoe….it was such a BEAUTIFUL car and I truly felt like a total douchebag….I was just trying to help move cars around to let your mom out, who was parked in front…..remember that?

  2. Umm….I’m probably gonna cause a shite-storm with this comment, but that Evasions music is a total rip off of George Clinton/Parliment/Funkadelic. And I don’t think it’s the other way around either.
    You are right, though. Hip Hop was based on, and distilled from Disco and R&B. The artistis are ALL theives to some extent. They borrow, steal and re-work parts of music and songs that had made an impact on a particular artist at some point in time. That’s what makes Hip Hop great. It’s all the stuff we loved originally, only presented in a new way with the artist’s flavor and perspective to keep it timely, interesting, and cool.
    That is a cool song though. I have heard that same “1,2,3,4, get your woman on the floor – gonna, gonna, gonna get up to get down” in several other song variations before.

    Speaking of “borrowing” — here’s A CLASSIC!!!!! We all know who borrowed something from this one!

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