February 22, 2012

Been having a lot of luck on craigslist lately. Lots of free goodies, including a non-working Sony HD CRT TV that I managed to take apart and fix myself… also 2 guinea pigs that the kids have been begging me for.

Still looking for a old roof antenna, washer & dryer, and vacuum for the new cabin.

I think I’ll pass on this one though.

Full text:

This is a nice size baby pool – used lightly for midget jello wrestling and various events with baby oil. Great for a few small children, or a fun parent or wrestling partner! Way easier to set up than an inflatable ring, because it is rigid plastic – just fill and play! Seen at many bachelor party’s for hot oil wrestling.

We have outgrown it based on our size and tastes. We have moved onto larger venues. This vintage example has been in our garage being used as a toy bin for several years. It is dirty at the bottom, but I think it is mostly the white scaling (lets not go there). I looked at it in the sun today and did not see any holes in it, so I think it would still work.

Used for: wrestling, leaves, sledding, hot tub, etc.

Come pick it up and it’s yours! The warm days are coming soon!

This bike has the same disco paint job as my Casati but a different make.


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