Don Cornelius

February 2, 2012

When I was young I always thought Don Cornelius was the dullest black man on television. His introductions were fine, but his interviews were always dead air.

But here’s the deal: Cornelius wasn’t some talking head paid by the network. The man created Soul Train. The man brought soul music to this white kid’s tv set every Saturday afternoon for decades. And for that I am grateful. I still (and have) stayed up way late watching Soul Train clips on youtube. They’re all classic performances.

Don Cornelius died this week from a supposed self-inflicted gun shot.

Coincidentally, Don Cornelius was the MC of a 1973 performance by Gamble & Huff‘s Sound of Philadelphia, which was released just this week.

Review of Golden Gate Groove: The Sound of Philadelphia in San Francisco, 1973

Barbara Mason has a career going back 4 decades and has appeared on Soul Train a few times.
I can’t find any info on this amazing track:

MP3: Barbara Mason- I’m Not Good For You

We wish you love, peace and soul


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