R.I.P. Etta James

January 20, 2012

MP3: Etta James- You Got It

1968, B-side of “Fire“. My favorite track from the blues soul goddess.

And of course, you can’t ignore this masterpiece:

RIP Etta on Pitchfork<



  1. Sorry folks- just realized the mp3 link was missing! Fixed ‘er.

  2. Hey Skin — Did you notice the name below Etta’s on the record?
    Willie Dixon was a LEGEND! I know you’re not a blues fan like I am, but he was a genius. Every rock & roll punk in the 60’s & 70’s ripped off something from Willie – either his style or his music. Etta had quite a range and did blues just as well, if not better, than her soul stuff. PROPS!!

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