Yuengling is now the number one US brewer

January 18, 2012

Clarification: Number one US OWNED brewer. They still only have a tiny 1% market share, but they just passed Sam Adams in barrels brewed.

Yeah, most Americans still haven’t heard of Yuengling, but their territory is spreading every year, and yes, Bud and Miller still outsell them by the millions, but they’re both owned by foreign companies, even though they still brew in the US.

By the way, don’t tell anyone, but I can’t STAND Yuengling Lager. If I’m diggin’ around in the cooler and my choice is between a Lager and a wine cooler, I’ll take the wine cooler!

Here’s the article

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  1. I agree, Yuengling is popular around the Philly region, but i don’t know why. it can’t be the taste. Their beers give me gas. If you’re a homer it doesn’t matter.

  2. I’ve never looked it up, but I’m willing to bet their lager is only 3.2% alcohol. It’s impossible to get a buzz on 5 of them.

  3. Really?!

    A wine cooler over a Lager? Really?

    That has to be the most ridiculous statement I’ve heard so far in 2012, and I’ve been following the Republican debates!!


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