House Bill 1950- Another Christmas gift to the gas drilling companies

December 9, 2011

Alright! Just in time for Christmas is another completely absurd gift to gas drillers from our elected officials in Harrisburg. House bill 1950, which is to be voted on next week, will effectively void any and all local zoning ordinance pertaining to gas drilling and instead create blanket statewide “rules” for drillers, and it will basically be written BY the drillers themselves, hence the sarcastic quotes.

Here is just a tiny example of what could happen if this bill is passed:

Lets say the drillers find gas on  a parcel of land at the end of your dead end, narrow dirt road. Your neighborhood is zoned residential, so there really is no way an adult bookstore would be allowed to be built there, right? Nor a 24-hour casino. Or even a 40 story condo. It just wouldn’t happen, at least without a hearing and a fight by the neighbors. But this shit is already happening in hundreds of communities across the state, and this is with local ordinances INTACT. This bill effectively wants to make it even easier on the poor drillers!

Frackers should be no different than anyone else looking to do business in our communities. Local zoning allows municipalities the ability to protect themselves and their
residents, period.

If you live in Pennsylvania this bill will inevitably affect you and your health. Please take a second out of your busy day and notify our legistlature  to stop bending over and taking it up the (g)ass from drilling lobbyists.

Email your Senator here.


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