Brewery tours now and then

November 28, 2011

Troegs Brewing Company moved from Harrisburg to Hershey, PA and I stopped by this past weekend. Even though its been open for a few weeks, it was still completely packed on a Saturday afternoon. I had my son with me so I didn’t get a chance to tie one on, but I checked out the place.

My thoughts? It’s huge. It’s cool that they have food, and they offer one-offs for $5 a pint and ten bucks a growler (they had two good-looking IPAs this weekend) but I miss the days of FREE beer after the brewery tour. I guess those days are over.

Speaking of brewery tours, I’ve got a great rememberance I wanna share:

Upon hearing that the Stroh Brewery was closing and the entire complex was slated to be razed, I talked my fellow 17 year-old high school buddies Jeff and Wally into skipping an entire day of school and driving with me in my 1970 Chevy an hour and a half to downtown Detroit to tour the historic brewery before the wrecking ball hit. We were 17 year-olds so not only did we partake in free samples at the conclusion of the tour, but we more than likely grabbed a few 40s from a party store on Gratiot Avenue for the drive home. Hell, it’s totally feasible that we even grabbed a few for the drive DOWN there in the morning…. but for some reason I can’t remember that part.

I got a chance to tour the old Schmidts brewery in Philly, but only AFTER it closed and had been almost completely stripped of valuables by years of previous urban explorers.

While I’m on the topic of beer, I didn’t find any new harvest ales this year except Hopivore from New Holland Brewing in Michigan. It was very mediocre. I mentioned a few years ago that Founders Harvest is excellent, but you HAVE to get it fresh- the hops dissipate quickly, and this year’s 4 pack was aquired a little late.

While I was in Michigan for Thanksgiving I picked up a six of Shorts Huma-Lupa-Licious, which is excellent. It’s fresh hop aroma is better than many seasonal “hop harvest” beers, and it’s available year ’round.



  1. Stroh’s – lol. Cool story, nice jacket, nice looking new brewery. There was a store up in Flint that me (and maybe Trevor Walters and Steve Pitman) would skip and get some 40z. from. they never carded…lol

  2. I visited that store often as a 16 year old!

  3. Cool post! If you ever come to Michigan to try the beer, visit Frankenmuth Brewery. It’s one of my favorite breweries in Michigan! http://frankenmuthbrewery.com/

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