The Roots team up with a legend

November 16, 2011

She’s no Aretha, but Betty Wright is a legend in her own (w)right. She released the wonderful Girls Can’t Do What Guys Do when she was a mere 14 years old in 1968, and the million-selling 1972 hit Clean Up Woman when she was 18.

Her first album in 10 years is a collaboration with The Roots. It was officially released yesterday and I have to say, I normally stay FAR away from anything released by artists way past their glory days (ie. Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan… I could name hundreds) but this woman still GOTS it. Check out the killer first track if you don’t believe me:

MP3: Betty Wright & The Roots- Old Songs

Get Betty Wright & The Roots: The Movie here and here

More Betty

Speaking of the Roots, they’re teaming up the Philly’s Mural Arts Program to create some type of interactive mural on South Street… coincidentally the same street that Black Thought admitted tagging as a kid.

Oh, and the Roots also have a new LP (Undun) set for release next month, with a cover and guest appearance by Sufjan Stevens!


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