Bike Lanes and Buffers

November 2, 2011

Check out the plans for bike lanes on Market Street West and JFK Blvd. in Philly via uwishunu.

Not only is the city toying with the idea of adding a lane for bikes on Market (heading east) and JFK heading west, but also they’re thinking of adding curbed buffers, which would be a first in Philly.

This is a great idea because God knows there is no good reason to keep the current THREE lanes of traffic PLUS a lane for parking on each. Oh, I’m sure there are many drivers who will argue this emphatically, but they would be simple-minded dregs.

Note this is NOT a done deal: The city is (hopefully!) still soliciting comments via email. I urge to send a quick email in support of bike lanes here.

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Thanks and happy/safe bicycling!



  1. That would be awesome change. I sent an email of support.

  2. Thanks, Colin!

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