October 21, 2011

Here’s a smattering of some of the new beers I’ve been drinking lately with a quick review of each:

Sixpoint Bengali Tiger- This is an English style IPA so the hops aren’t as in-your-face as the American style IPAs. Love the 16 oz cans.

Tallgrass IPA- meh

Fishtale Organic IPA- I swore by Peak Organic IPA till I tried this. It’s outta Olympia, Washington, home of the ol’ OLY beer which used to be a top-ten selling beer in the 70s. (Wait- a quick wiki look reminded me that OLY is from Tumwater, WA) This is not available in the Philly market that I know of, so I had to get it in Delaware.

Red Racer IPA- Those Canadians got something besides their healthcare system right: This is an amazing IPA. It’s right up there with Green Flash. I actually like this one better because it’s about 20 bucks cheaper per case.

21st Amendment Hop Crisis- For chrissake 21st amendment sucks. I have no idea why people recommend this crap. I also don’t know how they manage to survive in California. The first time I tried their Brew Free Or Die IPA I hated it. Then a respected store owner talked me into getting a case a year later, and figuring I just had a bad 6 pack I got it again and have regretted it ever since. This Hop Crisis promises its the “biggest, hoppiest IPA we could imagine…”. Cha right. It blows.

Twin Lakes Pale Ale- This one’s from Greenville, Delaware, and not really an IPA- I just think it’s cool that a new brewery I’ve never heard of is already CANNING their beer. Also not available in Philly…yet.

Oh I have to include this. I don’t know why Philly breweries, bars and restaurants have an aversion to hops. Consumers are crazy over good IPAs, yet Philly establishments and writers poo poo them as a silly fad. I was in an Old City beer bar last week and I shit you not, out of hundreds of bottles and taps, they had zero IPAs on tap (only Troegs Hopback) and ONE bottled IPA- Stone.

So I was delight when Yards brewed a couple kegs of a new IPA, and this year decided to start bottling it. It’s a seasonal and I have yet to see it by the case in the distributor, but it’s a start. Oh, how’s it taste? They call it an imperial IPA but it’s not really close. It’s decent I guess; it doesn’t stand up to any of the West Coast IPAs, but it’s a start for Philly.
[It’s pictured above with some fresh hops off the vines I planted this year]



  1. Yes….we have a whole lot of amazing beer here in Canada….Red Racer is somewhere just above average….check out more of Canadas awesome beer…..disregard anything from the big brewers tho…..no different from Bud and miller.

  2. The owner of the distributor in my area just informed me that Bear Republic is making them change the name in the US b/c drinkers confuse it with Racer 5. Sounds like BS to me.

  3. Really enjoy your blog, sweet music, nice bikes, love the beer. Red Racer is a great IPA. Won IPA of the year at 2010 Canadian Brewing Awards. Central City won brewery of the year. Their other beers are great as well. Had a chance to try two single hop versions of Red Racer on cask this past weekend. Amarillo one rocked. If you get a chance you need to try Dieu Du Ciel Corne Du Diable from Quebec (amazing brewery, really pushing the envelope), Flying Monkeys Smashbomb and Muskoka Mad Tom IPA from Ontario, Garrison Imperial IPA (not like an American impy but damn tasty) from Nova Scotia and any IPA’s from British Columbia. Wish I could get the Hoptimus Maximus for my home renos. Keep it up. Respect.

  4. Thanks for the nice words from Canada. I’ll keep a lookout for those Canadian IPAs.

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