October 6, 2011

I dug these two antiques out of the closet at work this morning and set them up in the lobby as a shrine to Steve. Most if not all of the college students here have never seen such ancient computers.

One is a Mac Plus from around 1988 and it features a (noisy) external hard drive. The other is a Powerbook 145B.

Both booted right up, no problem. Just like most of Apple’s stuff. That’s exactly why I’ve been an Apple fan(boy) since day one.



  1. Come on….tell the truth…..that photo was taken in Mr. Bill Coe’s 5th hour computer class….

  2. When I was a freshmen at college, school leaked that Steve was buying Macs for everyone. Didn’t work out, but Apple did set up a computer room on campus, and it was hugely popular. People camped out there, and the place smelled like the primate house after a few months. That was 1984, I think. They had a separate room for the inkjets with the perforated paper — very noisy when they were all going.

  3. Mr. Coe’s class was PRE Mac; those were original Apple’s or Apple II’s. I didn’t have a clue in that class, and I swear I never touched a computer again until I bought my first Mac, a Powerbook 3400c, around 1995. I typed every college paper on a typewriter!

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