October 5, 2011

Every time I attend a cycling event in Philly, for years and years I see the same guy hanging out with the rest of the motley crew. I take notice because he’s almost ALWAYS wearing a PINK cycling jersey, unzipped, pink cycling shorts (the shirt, not the shorts), and flip flops.

Even though he seemed to know EVERYONE in the Philly cycling community I never got the chance to talk to him until I noticed he was a friend of many of my facebook friends. Not ’till I befriended him (no, we don’t say “friended.” Please) did I find this awesome set of photos, which I posted on youtube with his permission so I could share it.

Dude’s got a lot of bikes, and even more outfits. And a steady arm.

I  love it. I think I’m gonna copy him and do this with my son; take a shot once a year from now until he’s grown. Oh shit- I already missed his first two bikes- his tricycle and training wheel bikes are already history. Oh well, it was a nice thought.

Here’s his site. Name’s Big Al. Say “Hi” when you see him. You can’t miss him!


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