August 11, 2011

Tunes that are lighting a fire under my ass at the moment:

New old disco outta the U.K., from last year’s Chicano Disco Funk LP:

MP3: Los Charly’s Orchestra- Hotel Caribe

Not a fan of covers unless they take the original to new territory. The first one here really isn’t as good as Steely Dan‘s 1977 original, but it adds just a touch more soul & I love Zo! so I’ll keep it. From this summer’s …Just Visiting Three free EP.

MP3: Zo!- Black Cow feat. Phonte and Sy Smith

This is just a fabulous new Neil cover. I’ve covered Poolside before:

The Prince of Ballard and I have been looking for the original of a tune I posted a while ago. Finally found it. Boy it feels good hearing a Marvin Gaye song for the first time. 1973, originally by Philly’s Stylistics in ’71 (and also Earth Wind & Fire):

MP3: Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye- Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)

Here’s a cool drum & Bass sample.

People been making some nice edits of Jody Watley‘s old band Shalamar lately. From 1980:

MP3: Shalamar- Make That Move (edit)



  1. Re: stop, look, listen – I figured it was the Barbara Acklin version you guys were hunting for: http://bit.ly/pKaBtA

  2. thinman, i hate to break it to ya, but thats not it!! super frustrating, and i thought i had it too with that version, but the sample is a female reggae song. if you listen closely you can hear it. the barbara acklin version it closer, but still not it.

    i pride myself in knowing and finding this stuff, but i think i’m ready to swallow my pride and ask circle research.

  3. […] mentioned this Detroit-based singer before. Now he just released a new album this spring, and is touring, and hitting Philly this […]

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