Hey at least we beat New York…

June 15, 2011

I realize I bitch about trash a lot on BLCB but thats because I’m so freaking disgusted with my fellow philadelphians and their habit of littering their own goddamn street. I swear to God I’ve got neighbors– actually MANY neighbors– actual homeowners– semi-intelligent people– who have NEVER pulled a weed or picked up a piece of trash even if it is laying on their own stoop. I’ve even got some that sit outside their house and toss their chicken bones and soda pop cans into the gutter.

Some of my more sophisticated neighbors will sweep their sidewalk, but I have YET to ever see one actually PICK UP their pile of debris with a dustpan. Philadelphians don’t own dustpans. It all goes out to the curb, and there it lies ’til the rain washes it over in front of the next neighbor’s house, then into the storm drain.

By the way, while I’m ranting, you suburbanites aren’t much better around here. Any one of yous own a rake? Since when did it become acceptable to use a leaf blower to blow all of your yard clippings into the road? Once its there it immediately clogs the storm drain, and now its the municipal workers’ problem.

At least New Orleans has an excuse.




  1. […] drives me nuts that Philadelphia was once again voted one of the dirtiest cities in America. Check out what my friend at Bad Luck City has to say. AKPC_IDS += […]

  2. Man, I’m so with you…we own a URL called CleanMyCity.com….I want to do the negative cleaning with high pressure washers…like do it with a template. Spray CleanMyCity into the filthy sidewalks…

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