June 8, 2011

When I was a kid in the 70s a lot of my family and friends had customized vans. I soo wanted a black chevy van with flames up the sides.I remember the shag carpet, paneling, 8-track tape player, CB radio, tube TV and the mattresses. Vans were the place where all the older teenagers hung out during the party.
I never got my van. I only got some Hotwheels and a few plastic model vans.

So I guess its no surprise that my 7 year old daughter FLIPS every time she sees a custom van on the street. Most of the ones still chugging around my ‘hood are in pretty bad shape, but she still talks about them incessantly. She says she is definitely getting one when she grows up and it is DEFINTELY going to have not just a bed, but a BUNKBED.

I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Take a look at more great vintage van pictures here.



  1. I had two friends who had vans. They were great..right up until the radiator hoses blew up…INSIDE THE VAN. It was crazy how much mess there was having the engine inside the van…

    We’re talking today about getting a VW Microbus. We want to go on tour.

    • Funny. Some of my Dad’s hillbilly friends used to drive around with the motor enclosure off. I’d be riding in the passenger seat with a hot manifold inches from my leg…

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