You Don’t Know Diddley

June 3, 2011

I used to write off Bo Diddley. Stupid, stupid me. I don’t know if it was because all his songs were basically written about how great Bo Diddley was, or that all of them had the same Bomp bomp-a bomp, a bomp-bomp rhythm… but after diggin’ through some of his back catalog recently, boy was I missing out on some great shit.

Check out his 1970 LP The Black Gladiator. Every track is steller. It’s almost like a 10 track live psychedelic funk jam.The image above is the back cover. Enough said.

MP3: Bo Diddley- I’ve Got a Feeling

All of the tracks are exceptional. Get it here.

Some older Bo, from 1966’s Bo Diddley’s A Twister:

Bo Diddley- Here ‘Tis

The Ed Sullivan Show, 1955!


Two years ago (June 2nd, 2008) Bo Diddley passed away due to heart failure. He was 79.


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