April 13, 2011

Broke the marble threshold while remodeling the bathroom so I had to pick up a new one. I ride right by the tile store on my commute so I had to ride this 3 foot piece of fragile marble 9 miles to work and it hit me in the head with every pedal stroke. Getting it home on the train in the evening was a little easier, but I still had to bike it home from the station in the pouring rain.

Got it cut and installed, stepped on it to set it in the glue… and snapped it in half.

That basically sums up this whole job, which is going on 57 days since I started.

It actually hasn’t been that bad. What took so long is that I had to remove the entire floor and level each floor joist, since they were so sagged the toilet looked like it was going to tip over. It’s now flat as can be and I should be ready to lay tile this weekend.

Here’s some “before” and “during” photos. No “after” shots yet.

Home Depot crap, shower leaked since the day I moved in:

Removing old 5″ concrete shower floor. Notice the rotted floor boards:

Leveling the floor:

New shower with waterproof Kerdi membrane on walls and Kerdi drain. Homemade floor made of “deck mud”:

Sandcastles made with the leftover mud. You know how I hate to throw anything out:

Oh, in case you were wondering what a “threshold” is:

Before & after picture will be available when it’s finished… in 2012.


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