Bobby Bland

April 6, 2011

Later known as Bobby “Blue” Bland. His more recent material kind of made me write him off. Boy, what a mistake. Just take a listen to this slow soul burner. There’s only a touch of blues. Wow, what a voice.

From 1968:

MP3: Bobby Bland- Rockin’ In the Same Old Boat

Also from ’68:

Bobby Bland- Honey Child

Bobby is still going strong at the age of 81. He currently touring and is playing the the New Orleans JazzFest this month.



  1. i’m glad you gave him a chance. i’ve never really understood why this guy hasn’t gotten more shine. his voice is face melting and he’s one of those artists that you KNOW how he feels when he’s singing. i could go on and on. try “shoes” out. its great……..



  2. There’s so much early stuff that’s great, but almost all of his newer stuff is “blues lite”, for the older white crowd. Blech.

  3. […] what a bummer. Here’s a post I devoted to the underrated soul man back in 2011. The tracks are still up so have a […]

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