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March 9, 2011

Thought I’d post some pictures from my life over the past month. As you can see, I’ve got a thing for old pickups… especially ones loaded to the gills with good junk.

I’ve seen quite a few shows lately but either A. didn’t take any pictures, B. took only crappy pictures, C. Didn’t get around to posting them. Here’s one acceptable one from the Kings Go Forth show at JB’s:

Kids’ birfdays. My first born turned 7:

Developers are tearing down the 125 year-old church on my corner. Pretty soon some Philly neighborhoods will be wall-to-wall condos.

Got a backstage tour of the Academy of Natural Sciences from Jason the paleantologist I work with. Did you know Thomas Jefferson was also a burgeoning paleantologist, and had a personal fossil collection stored at the White House? It’s now housed in the Academy, along with the ONLY vertebrate fossil that Lewis & Clark brought back East.

Cool old bronze cemetery sign. Weird that it was once converted to NEON, and now the elements are converting it back to its original state.

I always argue with friends who think they’ll get arrested or ticketed for carrying a beer on the streets in Philly. Oh, there’s a law on the books, but its not enforced at all, except on South Street, and now maybe Old City.

THIS is what has really been taking my time. I’m completely gutting the master bath and decided to level the way-crooked floors, which entails chiseling and hand-planing all of the floor joists. I ache in areas I never knew existed.

This has been out a while but its the first time I had it. Celebrating Sub Pop‘s 20 years. Mudhoney, my favorite grunge band from that era, is on the label. I think the photography of Charles Peterson defined the early days of grunge by the way.


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