February 25, 2011

Its probably just me, but I still can’t get over the fact that the Pontiac and Saturn auto brands are gone. For some reason I wasn’t as torn up when GM killed the Oldsmobile line.

I guess I can see why they dropped Pontiac. My Dad used to bitch so much about our 1973 Bonneville. The thing was only 3 years old and was so rusty that the exhaust pipe fell off while it sat in the garage. The Saturn brand seemed to have so much promise. It was so new and all. I really really wanted to buy a Saturn when I was shopping for the first family car a few years ago, but entire Saturn fleet was pretty lame. My parents bought the latest Vue and it sucks.

With all of their awful missteps I still want GM to succeed. Both of my Grandfathers, my Father, and various Aunts and Uncles all retired from GM. I have one Cousin who actually managed to keep his job through their crisis. Things are looking up for the company, as they posted their first profit since 2004.

the company could even reclaim the title of world’s largest automaker from Toyota, and the U.S. government could recover more of the $49.5 billion it gave the company in 2009 to save it from collapse.

The above photo taken in Lansdowne, PA


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